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We provide value to the community and our membership through advocacy, support and promotion. Community partnerships and business collaboration are at the heart of what we do everyday.

We are your community resource

The Bonnyville Chamber of Commerce was established and incorporated April 25, 1960 as a Board of Trade. We have grown and developed tremendously since then and in 2003 the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce registered as a not-for-profit under the Society’s Act with the Province of Alberta. Our chamber has increased our membership, the events we host, various projects and initiatives, our advocacy work and in the collaborations/partnerships we participate in to benefit the businesses and non-profits in our community.

Growing and evolving to serve you

We have developed partnerships with many community organizations and agencies and continue to collaborate to ensure effective and efficient use of resources, and community knowledge, wisdom and ideas. Our chamber participates in various networking opportunities with other chambers across the province and the country to ensure best practices, new innovative ideas and initiatives so that our chamber adapts and continues to grow and evolve in ever changing times.

We are part of an immense network

We are member of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce network, which serves over 24,000 members across the province, allowing our business voice to stand out when addressing and advocating for the concerns of our area to the provincial government. In addition, we are a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Network, which represents the interests of over 200,000 members across Canada. Being a part of the federal and provincial chambers of commerce provide us with a unique opportunity to promote and advocate for our business community located in Northeastern Alberta to both the Federal and Provincial governments. In addition, our members have exclusive access to the affiliation programs offered by both the Alberta and Canadian Chamber of Commerce – visit our Added Value page under Member Benefits to learn more!

We are a strong advocate for you

We are a member of the Alberta Today, our mission is to “stimulate and encourage local economic growth for our members through representation, support and promotion”. We take this mission statement very seriously and it is the foundation of operations for our chamber, all our work and initiatives stem from providing value and benefits to our membership and the business community. We direct our efforts to the three main pillars listed in our mission statement: advocacy (representative), support and promotion, to learn more about each of these pillars and the work we do, visit our Member Benefits page under “Why Invest”.

We thrive on your feedback

We are always welcoming and encouraging feedback from our membership, if you have ideas regarding new initiatives, projects, or events you would like to see at our chamber contact us! Better yet, come check out our beautiful office at the Shaw House for a visit!

Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce

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